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EGCC in final round to host World Cup Qualifiers.

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Estonian Golf & Country Club might be the place where we can see some of the best players in the World this Summer !  Since the end of the competition in 2009, the EGCC has been expressing its desire to the European Tour to host this event again and today there are two contenders left to consider – Linna Golf in Finland and the EGCC in Estonia.

The head of Linna Golf Mika Walkamo said recently in an interview to that the chance to host the Qualifiers would be a great opportunity for Finland, but that the financial terms set by the European Tour are very tough.

The head of the EGCC , Hanno Kross has made it very clear to the European Tour that they want to host the event.  ” Hosting a round of the World Cup competition in Estonia will not only influence the popularity of golf and confirm it’s status in Estonia, but will also confirm that Estonia is very much on the golfing map of the world … ”

The race to host Omega Hills World Cup European Qualifier will be decided in March of this year, after the Heads of the European Tour have paid a visit to Estonia and Finland.

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