Italian golfer Luca Cianchetti wins the European Amateur Trophy 2016

August 7th, 2016

It was only two years ago when Estonian Golf & Country Club hosted the European Ladies Amateur Championship. Now, from 3-6 August was the time for men to test their skills on our finest golf course which proudly holds its place amongst the Top 100 in Europe.

Day 1 was rainy and windy and therefore challenging for many players. Still the course record of 66 strokes was played by German Jeremy Paul who took the lead followed by Pole Adrian Meronk, Norvegian Viktor Hovland, Englisman Gian-Marco Petrozzi and Spanish Adria Arnaus, all -5. Luca managed to grip on the par only and last years defending champion Stefano Mazzoli (ITA) played disappointing +4.

Day 2 The steady lead was taken by polish golfer Adrian Meronk but there was a holdup caused by lightening & rain again. Finally 4 men were standing at the front by the end of the day: Thomas Rosenmüller (Ger), Craig Ross (Sco), Gian-Marco Petrozzi (GB) and Adrian Meronk (Pol) all 7 under par.

Day 3 New Sea Course record was taken by Norvegian Viktor Hovland with impressive 63 or 9 under par writing over just a few hours old record by Runar Arnorsson (ISL) of 64 strokes! Sadly our best golfers Sander Aadusaar and Egeti Liiv didn’t make the cut having both one stroke shortage only.. The leader after day 3 was Viktor Hovland.

Final Day brought the 1st and only Hole in One of the champs at 10th where bronze medalist Czech, Simon Zach stroke a beauty : ) After 4 hours fighting 2 men were standing at equal scores of -16 : Viktor Hovland and Luca Cianchetti from Italy.

The winner Luca Cianchetti @ EGCC Photo by Urmas Kamdron

7 holes playoff proved to be well exciting as ladies championship when Luna Sobron beat Noemi Jimenes in a rare 8 hole playoff back in 2014 at EGCC which took her 1,5 hours of sweet Spanish ladies fight. On the mens side Cianchetti managed to hold up his game till Hovland made a mistake on the 7th hole and the trophy was signed off to italian in his first playoff at the major tournament.

*Photos were taken by Joosep Martinson and Urmas Kamdron and behind the scenes shots by EGCC manager Hanno Kross. Live stream was run by Delfi and Worldwide video coverage was made by mighty Golfing World :)

Story written by Leo Siemann

5 Reasons Why Golf is Better than Sex

April 3rd, 2016

©2014 Pessimist incarnate

There are two things what have really inspired me to write this article. The first one is the fact that somehow I have managed to have more great rounds of golf than great rounds of Sex …  Also I have heard quite a few golfers having a say on this thing’ and many of them have found a real deep satisfaction and peace on the golf course, which makes me wonder is it really better and if so, then how come ?

Now, as far I am concerned the level of satisfaction is comparable in both games but wins the one with less side effects of course. Forgive me ladies, but in that case I must confirm that the winner is golf indeed. Hows that? Well, let me explain it to you all briefly:

1. Booking works for Golf much better. I mean if You book your teetime, it is always there for you but with Sex you hardly can make any sort of bookings. It is either happening or not. Also, She can always find something else to do instead, like go shopping, watch the movie or the worst senario – just having a headache …

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Dewald Lubbe clinched the 2nd leg of Long Drivers European Tour

May 8th, 2015

Estonian Golf & Country Club has hosted a unique tournament at their Stone Course last Saturday which attracted some of the best long drivers’ in the game of golf. So we had Dewald Lubbe from RSA and the current Guinness Record holder Maurice Allen from USA with us whos ball was flying with the record speed of 339,56 km/h back in 2012 already …

Maurice Allen driving' the ball at EGCC Stone Course, behind him Dewald Lubbe from RSA . * Photo © Leo Siemann 2015

Still it wasn’t enough to take the 2nd leg of LDET as Dewald Lubbe from South Africa was fighting hard for the second win of his career. Although Allen who had just taken the trophy from Sweden week ago and holding the personal record of 414m long drive, Lubbe got it by a 359.4m  drive only to claim the 1st prize. Whats more, the guy was out there in his red short trousers with some +5c and jumped to the pond of the first green for the celebrations :)

The amateur winner was  Ville Kivini from Finland and by seniors Marko Mustonen also from Finland. The only 1st prize which remained in Estonia was claimed by our lady golfer Anete-Liis Adul. We also had two of our pros Torel Neider and Priit Jalasto out there to cheer the growd ; ) Photos were taken by Estonian Golf Blog & Urmas Kamdron. The third leg of Long Drivers European Tour will be held at Golf Arboretum in Slovenia from 12-13 June.

Marko Kaljuveer is a new President of EGA

February 11th, 2015

Estonian Golf Association has chosen Marko Kaljuveer, a former Head of Sport for 14 years at our national broadcasting ERR as its new President for next 3 years. We went to EGA and asked about his vision for Estonian Golf:

Mr.Kaljuveer is well experienced sports commentator who started his career with Atlanta Olympic Games back in 1996. After 9 Olympics, 10 football Euros & World Cups with 24 years of active sports life on screen in total we believe he can transform his TV experience into golf and bring Estonian golf-life to limelight in both, nationally and internationally. It’s ain’t no easy job as with 9 courses and 2000+ players in total over past 20 years golf is really a new sport in Estonia. “My priorities are to help our young and talented players  to become professionals on tour. Also I would love to get more media attention on Golf as we got many beautyful courses like Saare Golf, White Beach Golf, EGCC & Niitvälja Golf where is really enjoyable to play” said mr. Kaljuveer on his interview for Estonian Golf Blog last Wednesday.

We wish him a good luck and wisdom to take Estonian Golf to the next level ! Hopefully he can play more golf this year as well : )

Golfing adventure @ the heart of Tallinn

December 24th, 2014

The 1st Adventure Golf Centre in Baltics opened its doors at Freedom square, Tallinn last Autumn. 15 hole well tuned underground golf-hall is cozy place to have a birthday party or just good time with family & friends. Special effects are combined with various sounds and colour schemes which glow in UV lights. Surely it is a nice place to practice your putting skills with a little twist ;)  The green fee’ of just under 10 euros seemed to be a little expensive at the first place, but after having a good hour & half with the laugh and excitment I must admit it was all worth it !

So if you looking for a nice indoor activity after visiting the old Town & our famous Christmas Market then take your mates and go  Adventure golfing at Freedom Square!

My Kind of Hole in One

November 21st, 2014

When I started my little blog 5 years ago I had a dream that maybe someday I would be good enough to write for a golf magazine. This day came last Summer when I was asked by the Golf magazine editor Ivika Liblik if I would be so kind and translate my own story of the European Ladies Amateur Championship for their magazine, which I agreed. Then, few weeks later, she asked me again if I would take interviews and write a story of National Stroke-Play Championship which was played at EGCC. Well, I could not refuse either. And finally just one week after Mr. Barack Obamas state visit called me Golf Magazine owner & manager Monika Kuzmina and asked if I would work with them on a cover-story of mr. President ??? As it felt like a good challenge, I investigated the matter and did this as well together with Jaan-Ivo Lukas who wrote the political part of it. Honestly, after writing all those 3 stories I just felt like if I was standing on par 3 and hitting my first hole in one! :) Luckily I have done this twice in my life already and I know the feeling well.  So, here it is for You – the latest Golf magazine of 2014 which will be released on coming Tuesday.  Enjoy it folkes !!

* Selfpublished by Leo Siemann, Sunday golfer & amateur golfwriter. Photo: @Shaldon Approach Golf near Teignmouth, UK – the place where I learned how to play that good old game back in 2005 …

Team Finland has won at Haapsalu Cup’

September 28th, 2014

Winners speech by Juha Häkkänen ...

The second country cup between Estonia and Finland was taken by finns this time. Small but exclusive club on West Coast – Haapsalu Golf hosted 16 players yesterday. The Sun was shining most of the day and winds were blowing strong which made our game challenging indeed. Teeoff was at 10am and the game format 18 holes stroke-play / scramble from which best 3 couples were selected to make the total scores.  The best couple was Anu & Hillar Joon. We also had 5 ladies and 2 young players from Finland at the tournament this year. Finnish Captain Juha-Kalevi Häkkänen who played 5 birdies was pleased with the work of greenkeepers and took the trophy home with pride as Finland had won by 10 points. Estonia got the 1st cup in 2013. A little gallery of the tournament is visible on Facebook.

Haapsalu Golf is located on West-Estonia near a little historical town called Haapsalu, about 100km from Tallinn. This moorland course of 9 holes par 68 was founded by Tõnu Merilo and Anja-Liisa Simoinen back in 2005. It is remarkable that there are 58 club members from which more than half are finns. Local tournaments include also Westcountry Cup and Club Championships,  played from 6-8th june and from 9-10th August. Course records – the best of 9 holes is 32 and the best of 18 holes is 72 strokes. Both are played by the 6 times club champion Margus Jõgilaine. Haapsalu GC celebrates its 10 years anniversary next year :)