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Italian golfer Luca Cianchetti wins the European Amateur Trophy 2016

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

It was only two years ago when Estonian Golf & Country Club hosted the European Ladies Amateur Championship. Now, from 3-6 August was the time for men to test their skills on our finest golf course which proudly holds its place amongst the Top 100 in Europe.

Day 1 was rainy and windy and therefore challenging for many players. Still the course record of 66 strokes was played by German Jeremy Paul who took the lead followed by Pole Adrian Meronk, Norvegian Viktor Hovland, Englisman Gian-Marco Petrozzi and Spanish Adria Arnaus, all -5. Luca managed to grip on the par only and last years defending champion Stefano Mazzoli (ITA) played disappointing +4.

Day 2 The steady lead was taken by polish golfer Adrian Meronk but there was a holdup caused by lightening & rain again. Finally 4 men were standing at the front by the end of the day: Thomas Rosenmüller (Ger), Craig Ross (Sco), Gian-Marco Petrozzi (GB) and Adrian Meronk (Pol) all 7 under par.

Day 3 New Sea Course record was taken by Norvegian Viktor Hovland with impressive 63 or 9 under par writing over just a few hours old record by Runar Arnorsson (ISL) of 64 strokes! Sadly our best golfers Sander Aadusaar and Egeti Liiv didn’t make the cut having both one stroke shortage only.. The leader after day 3 was Viktor Hovland.

Final Day brought the 1st and only Hole in One of the champs at 10th where bronze medalist Czech, Simon Zach stroke a beauty : ) After 4 hours fighting 2 men were standing at equal scores of -16 : Viktor Hovland and Luca Cianchetti from Italy.

The winner Luca Cianchetti @ EGCC Photo by Urmas Kamdron

7 holes playoff proved to be well exciting as ladies championship when Luna Sobron beat Noemi Jimenes in a rare 8 hole playoff back in 2014 at EGCC which took her 1,5 hours of sweet Spanish ladies fight. On the mens side Cianchetti managed to hold up his game till Hovland made a mistake on the 7th hole and the trophy was signed off to italian in his first playoff at the major tournament.

*Photos were taken by Joosep Martinson and Urmas Kamdron and behind the scenes shots by EGCC manager Hanno Kross. Live stream was run by Delfi and Worldwide video coverage was made by mighty Golfing World :)

Story written by Leo Siemann