West-Viru Champions are sorted

September 15th, 2014

Champions : Kaie, Hans, Mart, Kristo and Zenta

The Summer seems to continue and so do various tournaments across the country. Past weekend offered the finals for the Estonian Amateur Open 2014 in Saaremaa and the President Cup at Niitvälja CG. Still there was one more little tournament taking place at Ojasaare Golf over Saturday and Sunday. It was the West-Viru Championship which gathered about 15 players. Never less the Sun was out there to ensure 2 prefect days of golfing and our champions got sorted. From the ladies Kaie Kender took the lead by 28 shots over Zenta Lood on the day1 and claimed the Gold with a result of  82-79. Zenta collected her Silver medal by 110 -115. The best of men was Mart Suursu by 66-71, leaving  our golf commentator Kristo Raudam and Hans Ilves for a sudden-death playoff, from who Hans took the silver.  I must admit the Day 2 was well interesting to follow. Although Mart was leading by comfortable 7 strokes after the first round,  3 golfers after him were sharing places 2-4 , all by 73 ! Unfortunately Kristjan Jaakma dropped from the 2nd position and Alar Palmar remained the 4th but the best game on day2 was played by Hans Ilves who came from the 5th position with 75 strokes to claim the Silver medal.

A special thanx goes to the host of the Championship 2014 Jaan Lipsmäe who has grown his home-made pitch & putt golf course from 4 to 7 holes this year and is likely to bring on the island green by the end of the season. I must say that Ojasaare is the perfect spot of practice for biginners and also for all those golfers who need to learn how to pitch their ball across the waters ;)

History repeats: 2014 Stroke Play Champions are Egeti Liiv & Annika Meos

September 3rd, 2014

Leaders are leaving from the 15th green ...

The annual stroke-play Championships hosted by Estonian Golf & Country Club offered many dramatic moments but the winners were same as at Niitvälja in 2012. Also we had a cherry on the cake which was a very lucky Hole-in-One played by Siim Sildmäe right under TV cameras!

As we know the skill of  local amateur players is rather even, so there was a fight for the trophy as usual till the final day.  Starting from ladies, Annika Meos took a 5 stroke lead of Liis Kuuli and 8 strokes of  Cliona Georgia Dalberg. She kept her lead also on the final day and took the Trophy by +17. The silver medal went to Liis Kuuli by +24 and the bronze  got sorted out between Cliona G. Dalberg and Kadi H. Meldrum in playoff where after 6 holes Cliona took the pride.

Mens fight was even more challenging as Egert Põldma who had also 5 strokes lead before the final day  had to confess the stability of Egeti Liiv who took the trophy by 3 strokes with the total of +9. So did Gert Holland loosing the bronze to Martin Järve. Egert, who played well for the first 2 days couldn’t keep his game together on the final day and shot +11, which gave a clear chance to Egeti Liiv. Actually it all started from the very first hole where Egert played 9 strokes. After the second hole Egeti was just one behind, but at the Signature hole Egeti birdied and with that he took a one stroke lead already. He made the gap even bigger gaining 5  strokes lead just after 6 holes. Although there was a little comeback by Egert, still Egeti had a comfy 3 strokes lead to take the Trophy of 2014.

A special highlight came on the second day where Siim Sildmäe shot the Hole-in-One right on the TV screen! It was so sneeky that even commentators couldn’t see it at the first place. It also seemed that the cameraman was looking somewhere else, so it really got clear as Siim took the ball out the hole and lifted up just a one finger ;) And that was the very first HIO which has been recorded by TV cameras in Estonian golf history.

Photos were taken by Urmas Kamdron and by EGCC manager Hanno Kross. Delfi Sport story is here and final scores can be found at the GolfBox

Suursalu and Meos have won EGCC Trophy 2014

August 9th, 2014

From the left: Egeti, Sander, Mark, Annika, Mari and Ave.

The only, 4 days golf tournament – EGCC Trophy was more spectacular than expected. Our best Amateur player Sander Aadusaar took the lead by one shot in front of Estonian no1 pro Mark Suursalu (EGCC) on the day one. Although Suursalu got it back on the next day and kept in on the third, the final round was well enjoyable to watch as on the 9th hole Suursalu overcooked his approach shot and landed on a carnusti’ as he described the particular situation. So he took 4 extra strokes and holed no9 with 9 strokes!  After this Suursalu and Aadusaar were even again, but not for a long …

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Can Ladies break the EGCC Sea Course record?

July 25th, 2014

Photo by Urmas Kamdron © 2014

The International European Ladies Amateur Championship 2014 started with a nice coctail party and opening  words by lady in charge -Lorna Bennett and EGCC manager Hanno kross last Tuesday night. Mrs. Bennett was deligted to say that the course looks in superb condition to start with the 1st Championship in Estonia. The EGCC Manager Hanno reminded that our course record of 67 strokes is under the pressure this time for sure.  Said so, Day 1 has proved it as miss Nuria Iturrious from Spain shot -5 already and with this brilliant performance the new ladies course record was born !! Can they push it just a 1 shot further and break the mens record as well? Lets see what will bring another 2 days ahead. Anyway, the weather has been superb with a lot of sunshine and temperatures soaring around 25-30c. So, just a perfect time for golfing.

After Day 2 the leaders are Noemi Jimenes from Spain -5 , Manon Gidali from France -4 and Emily Kristine Pedersen -4 from Denmark. It is remarkable that 15 players are under the par and 9 just having a par. As caps are so close it seems to be another 2 exciting days ahead … ;)

Day 3 was successful for Noemi Jimenes who kept her lead scoring -2 for the day. Gidali dropped from the 2nd position and E.K. Pedersen from the third. But  Celine Boutier from France repeated the course record by 67 strokes and with that took the 2nd position for the finals !! Third place was shared by 4 players from which the winner was yet to rise …

The Final Day was well exciting indeed. First of all we had 2 eagles made by Connie Jaffrey from Scotland on the 1st hole and by Inci Mehmet from England on the 18th. And finally a brand-new course record of 66 strokes was made by Luna Sobron ! She also had to birdie on the 18th to reach the playoff with her team-mate Noemi Jimenes from Spain. And that was A Grand final indeed which took 1,5 hrs and 8 holes to sort out the winner! Eventually Sobron managed to take a better approach shot on the 11th which brought her Trophy at the sudden death playoff. As told by the club manager Mr. Hanno Kross, this kind of playoff is rare in the whole World and we had a luck to whitness it on the very first European Championship here in Estonia.

The Official Photos of the champs are made by Urmas Kamdron and non-official ones can be found at my little soapbox gallery – The Eagle View ; )

Final scores can be found @ GolfBox. Live TV was streamed by Delfi Sports Team and the official homepage of the Champs is www.europeangolf.ee

Peep Tammemäe has scored Hole-in-One at BMW Golf Cup International

July 20th, 2014

Golfers on the 17th tee @EGCC ...

Finally, the first ever HiO was scored at EGCC yesterday, which is truly historical after 22 years of golf in Estonia !! You may know how rare is it to score Hole in One and even more so at this kind of the tournament. But how about the car hole?! Most golfers never reach to the single HiO on their lifetime as the chances are probably less than winning  in lottery … Despite all that Peep Tammemäe from EGCC  has done it in the style and written himself to the history of Estonian golf life as the first estonian ever to score Hole-in-One at a car hole :)

Lucky Peep , Photo by Ago Õispuu ©2014

BMW Golf Cup International which was played at Estonian Golf & Country Club yesterday attracted 82 man & 26 lady golfers. The weather was perfect with the light breeze and a little sunshine. Winners were: from the Ladies, HCP 0-28,4: Margit Sunni, Niitvälja GC  with +9p /45 and from Men HCP 12,5-28,4 Sven Nuut, Otepää GC +7p /43 and HCP Men 0-12,4 Juhan Kolk,  Otepää GC  +6 /42. Congratulations! All 3 winners have secured their place at the BMW Golf Cup International finals, which is not located as yet …

The afterparty thrown by BMW  for all golfers, their friends and volunteers was great, including magicians, brassband & dance girls! Hopefully BMW can give thier Hole-in-One car away not just for a month but for good’ next year, just as  it was done  @ RSBC Canadian Open back in 2009 and also at BMW International Open in Germany just few days ago …

Niitvälja Trophy 2014 was taken by finn Toni Karjalainen

July 14th, 2014

The winner takes it all ...

Our oldest tournament Niitvälja Cup by Mandatum Life took place at Niitvälja Golf Club from 11-13th July. The 22nd cup attracted 127 athletes from 6 countries including professional golfers from Finland, Latvia, Spain and Estonia.

It was the first time in history when the prizemoney of 7500 euros was shared between 6 best golfers. Surely it should of happen earlier to get more pros involved for the tournament, but hopefully there will be few more next year …

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Ojasaare Cup 2014 – Nice & Wild one!

June 16th, 2014

All players & winners @ Ojasaare Cup 2014

If you happen to be a non club member and you do not have active HCP either then it is unlikely that you can play at any tournament here in Estonia. Well, almost. Thankfully there is Ojasaare Golf and Jaan Lipsmäe who has hosted his 7th Ojasaare Cup last weekend. There were  5 men and 3 ladies competing as beginners on Saturday. Winners were Margit Kulbin and Raido Palmar. The tournament continued in sunshine  with 15 men and 2 lady golfers on Sunday. The course improved a lot compared to previous years. Jaan has got a brand-new range, some tricky fairways, 4 new challenging greens, signposts and new flags. We had to play 2 rounds + 2 holes with new tee positions to make it 18 holes in total. Nice breeze made it even more challenging. Winners were Kaie Kender and Mart Suursu. Second places were Margit Kulbin and Raido Palmar and 3rd Ando Küttis.

Only if I knew the course, maybe just maybe I could of get a nice little trophy but I guess I didn’t work hard enough at this time … Anyways, it was a Grand Day Out in Sunshine with local golfers and that made it special indeed.

* Photos are on my FB page & You can find upcoming tournaments at Ojasaare from here

* Story by Leo Siemann – A Jolly good golfer  ;)