5 Reasons Why Golf is Better than Sex

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There are two things what have really inspired me to write this article. The first one is the fact that somehow I have managed to have more great rounds of golf than great rounds of Sex …  Also I have heard quite a few golfers having a say on this thing’ and many of them have found a real deep satisfaction and peace on the golf course, which makes me wonder is it really better and if so, then how come ?

Now, as far I am concerned the level of satisfaction is comparable in both games but wins the one with less side effects of course. Forgive me ladies, but in that case I must confirm that the winner is golf indeed. Hows that? Well, let me explain it to you all briefly:

1. Booking works for Golf much better. I mean if You book your teetime, it is always there for you but with Sex you hardly can make any sort of bookings. It is either happening or not. Also, She can always find something else to do instead, like go shopping, watch the movie or the worst senario – just having a headache …

2. Golfbag is always there for me. I mean I can take it when I like and put it back when I am done. I can pull it and I can push it, but it is surely not so with a lady. It is more likely that she will pull me here and there & how possibly I can say no :)

3. No consequenses after scoring. Just a pure joy once its in the hole. I mean you do not have to worry about the thing becoming a dad or somethin’ … just collect your trophies !

4. In Golf wins the one with less strokes, but it seems to be the other way around in bed and that means lot more swetting to do! Also there is a little danger with this adrenalin thing’ as it comes into your heart after scoring’ in bed which may kill some man. Well it has done so in the past, which is of course the happiest end’ but doesn’t add days to your life… Golf is the opposite. As we know, it can actually prolong your life as walking in a fresh air and beautiful scienery is well good for your heart.

5. No demands after the game, just relax in sauna, have a drink or two and eat out in the clubhouse restaurant. With sex, most men know how it goes: ” Darling, can we …”

But still, there is a one thing which seems to be equally Great in both games and that is design. I mean the design of the golf courses is usually breathtaking,  just like a design of the gorgeous woman. But when it comes to the game then rules are very much different…

After all, once upon a time Golf used to be the game of the gentleman only. Now times have changed and ladies have proved that they can also play safe and sound this good old game. I must admit it is pretty to watch them playing golf. Now I wonder how do they compare it to sex?

Anyway, as you see those two things are not really comparable at all but can complement each other very well. So, all we need is gorgeous caddy or playmate and things could be even better  ; )

* Story written by Leo Siemann – Not a lone golfer, but a huge fan of this jolly good game indeed !

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