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Marko Kaljuveer is a new President of EGA

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Estonian Golf Association has chosen Marko Kaljuveer, a former Head of Sport for 14 years at our national broadcasting ERR as its new President for next 3 years. We went to EGA and asked about his vision for Estonian Golf:

Mr.Kaljuveer is well experienced sports commentator who started his career with Atlanta Olympic Games back in 1996. After 9 Olympics, 10 football Euros & World Cups with 24 years of active sports life on screen in total we believe he can transform his TV experience into golf and bring Estonian golf-life to limelight in both, nationally and internationally. It’s ain’t no easy job as with 9 courses and 2000+ players in total over past 20 years golf is really a new sport in Estonia. “My priorities are to help our young and talented players  to become professionals on tour. Also I would love to get more media attention on Golf as we got many beautyful courses like Saare Golf, White Beach Golf, EGCC & Niitvälja Golf where is really enjoyable to play” said mr. Kaljuveer on his interview for Estonian Golf Blog last Wednesday.

We wish him a good luck and wisdom to take Estonian Golf to the next level ! Hopefully he can play more golf this year as well : )

Season 2011 is on the full swing now !

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

5 Golf Clubs are having their tournaments in Estonia today : Tallinn GC, EGCC, Haapsalu GC , Saare GC and White Beach Golf.  EGCC , Tallinn and Saare are holding their Club Openers , Haapsalu is doing One Club tournament and WBG is getting on with tournament for couples :)  We can say now that our Golf Season 2011 has taken the first full swing !

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The season is getting on the way …

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Yet 2 more Estonian Golf Clubs will open their season today ! White Beach Golf  near Pärnu has its Viking Line opener and Haapsalu GC hosts the Captains Round cross-country near Ridala at 1200 noon.

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PS. Latest results from Haapsalu GC >> Gentlemen : 1st  - Margus Meiessaar , 2nd – Jussi Liimatainen , 3rd – Tõnu Merilo. / Ladies : 1st – Merja Nyberg , 2nd – Elina Meiessaar.