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Dewald Lubbe clinched the 2nd leg of Long Drivers European Tour

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Estonian Golf & Country Club has hosted a unique tournament at their Stone Course last Saturday which attracted some of the best long drivers’ in the game of golf. So we had Dewald Lubbe from RSA and the current Guinness Record holder Maurice Allen from USA with us whos ball was flying with the record speed of 339,56 km/h back in 2012 already …

Maurice Allen driving' the ball at EGCC Stone Course, behind him Dewald Lubbe from RSA . * Photo © Leo Siemann 2015

Still it wasn’t enough to take the 2nd leg of LDET as Dewald Lubbe from South Africa was fighting hard for the second win of his career. Although Allen who had just taken the trophy from Sweden week ago and holding the personal record of 414m long drive, Lubbe got it by a 359.4m  drive only to claim the 1st prize. Whats more, the guy was out there in his red short trousers with some +5c and jumped to the pond of the first green for the celebrations :)

The amateur winner was  Ville Kivini from Finland and by seniors Marko Mustonen also from Finland. The only 1st prize which remained in Estonia was claimed by our lady golfer Anete-Liis Adul. We also had two of our pros Torel Neider and Priit Jalasto out there to cheer the growd ; ) Photos were taken by Estonian Golf Blog & Urmas Kamdron. The third leg of Long Drivers European Tour will be held at Golf Arboretum in Slovenia from 12-13 June.

Estonian Golf School has opened its doors

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Champange, strawberries and many good golfing friends were all together at EGCC last Friday to celebrate the opening of Estonian Golf Schoool and also the 7th anniversary of the club.  It was surely historical event at our golf life as such institution is essential to raise up our new golfing generation.

EGS team from the left: Enrico Villo, Rein Auväärt, Miina Põhi, Mari Suursalu, Paul Põhi and Torel Neider.

Estonian Golf School sets a new standard indeed as people who are making EGS team are the best on the field. Enrico is head pro at EGCC , Rein is grand old pro, Mari is our best lady golfer, Paul is the best coach of the year 2011 and Torel is the glubfitting pro from

We do not have any players on PGA tour yet, so the target is high. It is obvious that if we raise more young players we have also more hopefuls to get there one day !

Photos by Mr. Mats Soomre , More info -