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Segway makes it more fun !

Monday, July 11th, 2011

The game of golf has inspired so many related inventions and it continues to do so! As you play, you have time to reflect and meditate and that is probably the reason why. Many inventions are hybrid in these days and so is the Segway Golf. The idea is well modern yet simple enough for anybody to use.  So, why not to have a go ! The next possible chance to see the Segway Golf live on the course is at Estonian Golf & Country Club on 17th July.

Specifications : Weight 54.5kg, Battery life 36 holes & Speed up to 20km/h. Holders for your golf bag,  scorecard and extra equipment. Special offroad tyres for the course. Pricetag 8500eur including vat. There is also a chance lease the Segway Golf for 189eur per month.

If you would like to see this magic machine now, then the best bit is to go to the exclusive dealer shop in Tallinn – Viru Street 7 and just talk to friendly staff. Otherwise you can call + 372 51 200 30  or check it out at