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Marko Kaljuveer is a new President of EGA

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Estonian Golf Association has chosen Marko Kaljuveer, a former Head of Sport for 14 years at our national broadcasting ERR as its new President for next 3 years. We went to EGA and asked about his vision for Estonian Golf:

Mr.Kaljuveer is well experienced sports commentator who started his career with Atlanta Olympic Games back in 1996. After 9 Olympics, 10 football Euros & World Cups with 24 years of active sports life on screen in total we believe he can transform his TV experience into golf and bring Estonian golf-life to limelight in both, nationally and internationally. It’s ain’t no easy job as with 9 courses and 2000+ players in total over past 20 years golf is really a new sport in Estonia. “My priorities are to help our young and talented players  to become professionals on tour. Also I would love to get more media attention on Golf as we got many beautyful courses like Saare Golf, White Beach Golf, EGCC & Niitvälja Golf where is really enjoyable to play” said mr. Kaljuveer on his interview for Estonian Golf Blog last Wednesday.

We wish him a good luck and wisdom to take Estonian Golf to the next level ! Hopefully he can play more golf this year as well : )

EGA votes for the new president & players of the year 2012

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

© EGA 2012

Estonian Golf Association has selected Arti Ots as the new President on 3rd December. Mr. Ots is also the chairman of a telecom company Elion.

The Players of the Year Award ceremony took place at Seaplane Harbour - the latest & most modern exhibition hall in Estonia.

The best golfer of 2012 is Mark Suursalu & the best of ladies is Annika Meos.

Best from Junior golfers are: U12 – 1.Kevin Christopher Jegers  2.Joonas Juan Turba  3.Sam Schmidt. Boys U15 – 1. Karl Aru  2. Carlos Kirsti 3. Ott Johann Post, Boys U18 – 1. Egeti Liiv, 2. Sander Aadusaar, 3. Martin Järve. Girls: U12 1. Triin Marleen Ustal 2. Karola Soe 3.Kristel Soe & Girls U18 – 1. Liis Kuuli  2. Getter Saaroja 3. Alice Andressoo.

The best club 2012 is Niitvälja Golf,  the best greenkeeper Regardt Barnard & the best coach is Paul Põhi. Special Award for outstanding work was given to Mari Suursalu from Estonian Golf School. Congratulations to all nominees and award-winners !!

News were brought to you via EGA & Photogallery of the galanight was put together by Õhtuleht.

Estonian Champions in Golf 2012 are Egeti Liiv and Annika Meos

Monday, August 27th, 2012

© Mats Soomre 2012

The 19th Championship in Stroke Play was held at Niitvälja Golf Club over the last weekend, 24-26th August. The tournament pulled together record number of golfers – 129 from age of 15 to 64 and a crowd a bit bigger than usual. We also had a foreign player presented – Jika Jongikhaya from Fancourt, SA. whos extraordinary performance got an eye of many local players. Former South-African caddie played 3 solid rounds of golf: 78-71-75 with his first & brand-new set of golfclubs fitted for him just a day before the tournament. I managed to get an interview from Jongikhaya which I will bring to you  soon …

But now, back to the trophy. The winner from ladies was Annika Meos (20) from Niitvälja GC with 74-76-78 strokes. The silver medal Merlin Palm with 78-79-82 also from Niitvälja GC and bronze Kadi Hilpus Meldrum with 88-77-74 from Otepää GC.

The was also a similar story at Mens play where Egeti Liiv from Valgeranna GC was leading from the day one and kept his nerve till the very end. His score : 74-70-75 was exeptional and also his personal best with 2 under the par on the second day. Silver medal was taken by Sander Aadusaar from Niitvälja GC with 79-78-70 and Bronze by Marten Palm with 79-74-76.The best Club was once again Niitvälja Golf in both ladies and mens teamplay. You can find final scores in GolfBox :)

Photos were taken by Mats Soomre & story told by Leo Siemann.

20 years of golf in Baltic States

Monday, April 30th, 2012

The Home of Golf in Estonia and the very first golf club in Baltic States – Niitvälja Golf started the Season of 2012 with an opening tournament on last Saturday.

This years event was a very special one indeed as the club running its 20th season now !

After the opening ceremony 112 golfers started to fight for the first trophies of the year.  There was 87 men, 17 ladies and 8 junior golfers from 7 different clubs, including  one foreign club – Moscow City Golf presented by Indrek Männik. There were 76 home golfers and 36 guest players in total, which might of been a little influenced by opening tournament at Saare Golf at the same time…

After 5 hours play in glorious sunshine and moderate wind results were next:  Best of men – Gert Holland by 77 strokes, Rainer Erendi 37 p and Arvo Kost 33 p.  Best from ladies: Liis Veltmann 31p and Margit Sunni 37 p and from Juniors: Ingvar Kristjan Paplavskis 37 p.

Happy golfers celebration jump at the 1st tee

Niitvälja Golf par 72 superb Park-course was opened just a 2 years after Estonia regained its independence in 1991. It has been a great sports venue for many tournaments ever since. The biggest tournament of 2011 – European Rotarian 37th Championship brought us many  players and probably the best business deals of the year, which clearly shows the importance of Niitvälja Golf Club for our country in general.

Photos of the tournament were taken as traditional by Estonias best golf photographer Mats Soomre.

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