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Suursalu and Meos have won EGCC Trophy 2014

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

From the left: Egeti, Sander, Mark, Annika, Mari and Ave.

The only, 4 days golf tournament – EGCC Trophy was more spectacular than expected. Our best Amateur player Sander Aadusaar took the lead by one shot in front of Estonian no1 pro Mark Suursalu (EGCC) on the day one. Although Suursalu got it back on the next day and kept in on the third, the final round was well enjoyable to watch as on the 9th hole Suursalu overcooked his approach shot and landed on a carnusti’ as he described the particular situation. So he took 4 extra strokes and holed no9 with 9 strokes!  After this Suursalu and Aadusaar were even again, but not for a long …


Mark Suursalu has made the history in Norway

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Estonia has got 2 pro golfers only – Mark & Mari Suursalu , who are actually brother and sister, but non of them has reached the PGA Tour as yet …

Despite that both are working hard on their way up. Most recently it has been the brother Mark who has taken a leep forward by winning the Mørk Masters with 17-under-par in Norway on 2nd of august. This is the first time in history then Estonian golfer has won a professional golf tournament. Mørk Masters is part of the annual ECCO Tour in Nordic League.

* Mark & Mari Suursalu are both members of the PGA Estonia and Estonian Golf & Country Club.

Ladies First !

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Estonian golf life has kicked off in style in 2012. Our premium indoor golf club and training centre TOP Golf signed up more than 200 club members by January, including our best professional golfers – Mark & Mari Suursalu. Top Golf is also the place where Estonian Golf Team meets up every week.

As you see the sofa is empty and action is on ;) Mari who is on the middle, training with Ave & Kairi.

Mari, who has just started group trainings for ladies in TOP Golf last Wednesday is also busy with newly founded Estonian Golf School. As I have been seeing Mari over there more often, I had a great chance to ask her for a little interview …


Our top golfers are out there right now !

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Two important tournaments for our top golfers are taking place in these days. First, the  European Ladies Club Trophy is played at Corfu Golf Club , in Greece from 21st-24th September.  Our ladies team is out there to fight for the trophy as well !

Tallinn Golf Club Ladies Team from the left: Annika Meos, Anastasia Kharchenko and Merlin Palm - Holding the trophy of Estonian Stroke Play Champions 2011

Merlin said next in her interview to Estonian Golf Blog last night: “There was a lot of rain before the tournament, which made playing conditions hard and greens very slow. You could even see your heavy footprints on the green and that was pretty tough for putting. There is a winter rule in place, which is the length of the club now. But I still was pleased with my game. No double bogeys ! Eventually the Sun came out and temperature soared in 30s. Light breeze on final holes made it just perfect!” :) Thank You Merlin !

*Live-scoring can be followed via Golfiportaal. Lets hope our girls will get back on time, as there are quite many strikes happening in Greece right now…

The second news surely makes history in Estonian golf life:  Our first pro golfer Mark Suursalu is playing at PGA European School Qualifiers in Germany to qualify for the European Tour. There are 1000 players out there after 30 places only to qualify for the European Tour 2012 and that makes it so much harder ! The latest news via Estonian Golf Association tell us that Mark has played +10 in total and has missed the cut gaining the 78th place. Hopefully better next season … Anyway, Well done Mark !

Suuresta GC is the nearest !

Monday, July 4th, 2011

It takes 20 minutes ride only and you are there ! Suuresta is the nearest Golf Club to Tallinn today offering the range , butting greens, 18 hole golf course , conference facilities , sauna , golf shop and restaurant to keep you happy. The Club offers friendly and relaxing atmosphere  for both – family and corporal events. Personally, I enjoyed to play last nine holes with my friend and caddie Raul at Altia Cup, which was on last Wednesday. Smoke sauna or Savusauna’ as finnish people say, was a brilliant experience as well ! A little splash into the pond and the second round at sauna made it the perfect finish for the day ! Surely will go back to enjoy this quiet and idyllic place once again …

If you fancy some friendly competitions then you can sign up for Viking Line Golf 2011Altia Weekly or Senior Golf 2011 tournaments.

Suuresta GC is the member of Estonian Golf Association and the home club of our first pro golfer  - Mark Suursalu.

Visit Suuresta :

Suuresta GC & Senior Golf Tour 2011

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

If You are in Tallinn, 50+ and looking for the closest club with suitable tournament then Suuresta is the place to go ! Club is located near Suuresta village, on 19km of Tallinn-Tartu motorway. Suuresta GC is hosting Open Tournament for senior players every Thursday. Tee off 1400 and green fee 10.- eur only !

Probably the best known player from Suuresta GC is our pro Mark Suursalu, who has been doing quite well recently :)

Clubhouse is opened from Mo-Su 8.00-22.00.  Tel. +372 660 9700

Mark Suursalu is working his way up.

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

The history of this magnificent game of golf is relatively short in our country. The oldest club Niitvälja GC was founded 15 years ago only and that is not  even the age of one generation !

Despite this short time our pro Mark Suursalu is doing his job well. The latest results from ECCO Tour, Denmark show that Mark scored +2 in total and has shared the place nr.15, which is very nice result out of 106 players tournament. The winner of Jeld-Wen Masters was Swede David Palm with 5 under par.

Congratulations to both men !

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