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Mark Suursalu has made the history in Norway

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Estonia has got 2 pro golfers only – Mark & Mari Suursalu , who are actually brother and sister, but non of them has reached the PGA Tour as yet …

Despite that both are working hard on their way up. Most recently it has been the brother Mark who has taken a leep forward by winning the Mørk Masters with 17-under-par in Norway on 2nd of august. This is the first time in history then Estonian golfer has won a professional golf tournament. Mørk Masters is part of the annual ECCO Tour in Nordic League.

* Mark & Mari Suursalu are both members of the PGA Estonia and Estonian Golf & Country Club.

Mari Suursalu makes history

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

© Mats Soomre 2012

Our best ladygolfer Mari Suursalu has got the invitation to the Ladies European Tour ISPS Handa New Zealand Women´s Open as a wildcard.

This is the first time in history when Estonain pro golfer has been invited to the LET event. The tournament will take place at Clearwater Golf Club in Christchurch from 8-10th Feb.

Mari, who is also the head coach of the Estonian Golf Team is planning to fly off to New Zealand a bit earlier to settle in for the tour.

“If I could make the cut it would be great!” said Suursalu  for a comment. New Zealand Open with the 200 000 euros prize fund attracts the best ladygolfers around the Globe.

Good luck Mari, its about time for a hole in one !  : )

EGA votes for the new president & players of the year 2012

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

© EGA 2012

Estonian Golf Association has selected Arti Ots as the new President on 3rd December. Mr. Ots is also the chairman of a telecom company Elion.

The Players of the Year Award ceremony took place at Seaplane Harbour - the latest & most modern exhibition hall in Estonia.

The best golfer of 2012 is Mark Suursalu & the best of ladies is Annika Meos.

Best from Junior golfers are: U12 – 1.Kevin Christopher Jegers  2.Joonas Juan Turba  3.Sam Schmidt. Boys U15 – 1. Karl Aru  2. Carlos Kirsti 3. Ott Johann Post, Boys U18 – 1. Egeti Liiv, 2. Sander Aadusaar, 3. Martin Järve. Girls: U12 1. Triin Marleen Ustal 2. Karola Soe 3.Kristel Soe & Girls U18 – 1. Liis Kuuli  2. Getter Saaroja 3. Alice Andressoo.

The best club 2012 is Niitvälja Golf,  the best greenkeeper Regardt Barnard & the best coach is Paul Põhi. Special Award for outstanding work was given to Mari Suursalu from Estonian Golf School. Congratulations to all nominees and award-winners !!

News were brought to you via EGA & Photogallery of the galanight was put together by Õhtuleht.

Estonian Golf School has opened its doors

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Champange, strawberries and many good golfing friends were all together at EGCC last Friday to celebrate the opening of Estonian Golf Schoool and also the 7th anniversary of the club.  It was surely historical event at our golf life as such institution is essential to raise up our new golfing generation.

EGS team from the left: Enrico Villo, Rein Auväärt, Miina Põhi, Mari Suursalu, Paul Põhi and Torel Neider.

Estonian Golf School sets a new standard indeed as people who are making EGS team are the best on the field. Enrico is head pro at EGCC , Rein is grand old pro, Mari is our best lady golfer, Paul is the best coach of the year 2011 and Torel is the glubfitting pro from

We do not have any players on PGA tour yet, so the target is high. It is obvious that if we raise more young players we have also more hopefuls to get there one day !

Photos by Mr. Mats Soomre , More info -

Pilates gives your balance back

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

There are only few techniques what golfers use all around the World to balance their bodies. Most commonly known are Pilates and Yoga. Both of them have been practiced in Estonia for a while also. But surely there are some differences in between pilates coaches of which I would like talk about today.  As we know, we can recognize two branches of Pilates in these days: Classic or authentic pilates and the modern one. As both of them have legal rights to operate it is entirely up to the person which one to choose.  Although classic or True Pilates follows precisely Joseph Pilates Method what he worked out for himself to recover his body from rickets. He also used his tecnique to train sportsman and ballett dancers in New York later on his life. So, here we have a man who actually founded pilates. The modern pilates seems to be more like a short reflection of it …

© Britt Kalbus 2012

Here in Estonia we have the Master of True Pilates - mrs Britt Kalbus, who follows the teaching of a grand master Joseph Pilates. She has done her training in various places, but most importantly with  Romana Kryzanowska , who has heritaged Joseph`s & his wife Clara`s studio in New York after they passed away… Romana became a very successful student of Joseph Pilates while she had to recover from her injury as ballerina.

We are also lucky to have here with us True Pilates Master Peter Napoliello from NYC, who is practicing here in Tallinn with Britt Kalbus. Peter is a “black belt in pilates” – if you like :)

So, I went to see Britt & Peter last week and what I saw was impressive indeed …

Peter and Mari in action! © Britt Kalbus 2012

Mari Suursalu, the best lady golfer in Estonia tells after her session: “I had taken regular Pilates classes over the past six months but True Pilates is truly different. With the help and instruction of Peter I quickly realised what mucles actually need to work in order to get the effect. True Pilates is especially good for golfers since it focuses on the core and lower body. Good posture is vital in terms of a consistant golfswing and with the help of Pilates ahcieving that is probably the easiest and quickest way.
I am aware of the imbalance in my body , with the right side being a lot stronger, its is pretty common amongs tennis players and golfers and Pilates helps to even that out also.
I definitely recommend True Pilates to all golfers and other athletes.”

You can contact to Britt and Peter:

or call +372 55535057


The story written by Leo Siemann

PGA trainee Paul Põhi has set his heart for kids.

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Estonia as a relatively young golfing country has been developing fast in recent years. One of the finest examples of this is Estonian Golf & Country Club which has been the venue for the World Cup European Qualifier twice since it was opened 6 years ago. Now, this is the place where one of our best coaches Paul Põhi will be working as soon the new season starts. Paul has also got the coach of the year title for his work with kids and young golfers by Estonian Golf Association in 2011.

©2012 Paul Põhi

Considering his young age Paul has achieved a lot since he started to play golf in age 12. He has been to World Championships as amateur twice – South Africa in 2006 and Australia in 2008. Paul turned pro in 2010 and became golf coach the year after. Starting from outdoor season he is going to work as a teacher at Estonian Golf School together with our best lady pro golfer Mari Suursalu and PGA coaches Enrico Villo and Rein Auväärt.

In education wise Paul has graduated Golf Management in Professional Golfers Career College in California, USA and Initial Professional Education (IPE) Programme that was put together by PGAs of Europe. In order to become the full member of PGA Estonia, Paul is going to start his PGA Foundation Degree in Birmingham, UK in September 2012.

As the captain of Estonian National Golf Team Paul will attend the World Championships in Turkey this September.

But as it is the Winter out there right now, you can find Paul teaching with other great 6 golf teachers at TOP Golf in Tallinn. You can take individual lessons and also bring your young player to Pauls classes at the EGGC as soon the season starts.

Ladies First !

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Estonian golf life has kicked off in style in 2012. Our premium indoor golf club and training centre TOP Golf signed up more than 200 club members by January, including our best professional golfers – Mark & Mari Suursalu. Top Golf is also the place where Estonian Golf Team meets up every week.

As you see the sofa is empty and action is on ;) Mari who is on the middle, training with Ave & Kairi.

Mari, who has just started group trainings for ladies in TOP Golf last Wednesday is also busy with newly founded Estonian Golf School. As I have been seeing Mari over there more often, I had a great chance to ask her for a little interview …