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Suursalu and Meos have won EGCC Trophy 2014

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

From the left: Egeti, Sander, Mark, Annika, Mari and Ave.

The only, 4 days golf tournament – EGCC Trophy was more spectacular than expected. Our best Amateur player Sander Aadusaar took the lead by one shot in front of Estonian no1 pro Mark Suursalu (EGCC) on the day one. Although Suursalu got it back on the next day and kept in on the third, the final round was well enjoyable to watch as on the 9th hole Suursalu overcooked his approach shot and landed on a carnusti’ as he described the particular situation. So he took 4 extra strokes and holed no9 with 9 strokes!  After this Suursalu and Aadusaar were even again, but not for a long …


Niitvälja Trophy 2014 was taken by finn Toni Karjalainen

Monday, July 14th, 2014

The winner takes it all ...

Our oldest tournament Niitvälja Cup by Mandatum Life took place at Niitvälja Golf Club from 11-13th July. The 22nd cup attracted 127 athletes from 6 countries including professional golfers from Finland, Latvia, Spain and Estonia.

It was the first time in history when the prizemoney of 7500 euros was shared between 6 best golfers. Surely it should of happen earlier to get more pros involved for the tournament, but hopefully there will be few more next year …


Champions of 2013 are Mari Hütsi & Egert Põldma

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

The 20th Estonian Championships in Stroke play were held at EGCC over last weekend. This years’ champions Egert Põldma & Mari Hütsi hold their lead from the very first day till the end. On the second place were Martin järve & Liis Kuuli and on bronze Sander Aadusaar & Cliona Georgia Dalberg.

It was the first championship gold for Mari Hütsi who has left to continue her studies in the USA just a day after. Also it was the very first time when our national championships were broadcasted live on TVPhotos were taken as usual by Mats Soomre our first & only knighted’ golf photographer :)

Niitvälja Cup XX

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

It's time to Celebrate !

The oldest Golf Club in Estonia & Baltic States – Niitvälja Golf is celebrating its 20th Season in style. Despite some heavy showers and strong breeze the 3-day tournament has offered many really good moments which have been recorded by Mats Soomre as traditional :) You can enjoy his daily photo albums on Facebook. This years winners were: Egeti Liiv and Mari Hütsi , from seniors Raivo Veselberg and from juniors Joonas Juan Turba.

Congratulations to all !

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