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My Kind of Hole in One

Friday, November 21st, 2014

When I started my little blog 5 years ago I had a dream that maybe someday I would be good enough to write for a golf magazine. This day came last Summer when I was asked by the Golf magazine editor Ivika Liblik if I would be so kind and translate my own story of the European Ladies Amateur Championship for their magazine, which I agreed. Then, few weeks later, she asked me again if I would take interviews and write a story of National Stroke-Play Championship which was played at EGCC. Well, I could not refuse either. And finally just one week after Mr. Barack Obamas state visit called me Golf Magazine owner & manager Monika Kuzmina and asked if I would work with them on a cover-story of mr. President ??? As it felt like a good challenge, I investigated the matter and did this as well together with Jaan-Ivo Lukas who wrote the political part of it. Honestly, after writing all those 3 stories I just felt like if I was standing on par 3 and hitting my first hole in one! :) Luckily I have done this twice in my life already and I know the feeling well.  So, here it is for You – the latest Golf magazine of 2014 which will be released on coming Tuesday.  Enjoy it folkes !!

* Selfpublished by Leo Siemann, Sunday golfer & amateur golfwriter. Photo: @Shaldon Approach Golf near Teignmouth, UK – the place where I learned how to play that good old game back in 2005 …