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5 Reasons Why Golf is Better than Sex

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

©2014 Pessimist incarnate

There are two things what have really inspired me to write this article. The first one is the fact that somehow I have managed to have more great rounds of golf than great rounds of Sex …  Also I have heard quite a few golfers having a say on this thing’ and many of them have found a real deep satisfaction and peace on the golf course, which makes me wonder is it really better and if so, then how come ?

Now, as far I am concerned the level of satisfaction is comparable in both games but wins the one with less side effects of course. Forgive me ladies, but in that case I must confirm that the winner is golf indeed. Hows that? Well, let me explain it to you all briefly:

1. Booking works for Golf much better. I mean if You book your teetime, it is always there for you but with Sex you hardly can make any sort of bookings. It is either happening or not. Also, She can always find something else to do instead, like go shopping, watch the movie or the worst senario – just having a headache …


Pilates gives your balance back

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

There are only few techniques what golfers use all around the World to balance their bodies. Most commonly known are Pilates and Yoga. Both of them have been practiced in Estonia for a while also. But surely there are some differences in between pilates coaches of which I would like talk about today.  As we know, we can recognize two branches of Pilates in these days: Classic or authentic pilates and the modern one. As both of them have legal rights to operate it is entirely up to the person which one to choose.  Although classic or True Pilates follows precisely Joseph Pilates Method what he worked out for himself to recover his body from rickets. He also used his tecnique to train sportsman and ballett dancers in New York later on his life. So, here we have a man who actually founded pilates. The modern pilates seems to be more like a short reflection of it …

© Britt Kalbus 2012

Here in Estonia we have the Master of True Pilates - mrs Britt Kalbus, who follows the teaching of a grand master Joseph Pilates. She has done her training in various places, but most importantly with  Romana Kryzanowska , who has heritaged Joseph`s & his wife Clara`s studio in New York after they passed away… Romana became a very successful student of Joseph Pilates while she had to recover from her injury as ballerina.

We are also lucky to have here with us True Pilates Master Peter Napoliello from NYC, who is practicing here in Tallinn with Britt Kalbus. Peter is a “black belt in pilates” – if you like :)

So, I went to see Britt & Peter last week and what I saw was impressive indeed …

Peter and Mari in action! © Britt Kalbus 2012

Mari Suursalu, the best lady golfer in Estonia tells after her session: “I had taken regular Pilates classes over the past six months but True Pilates is truly different. With the help and instruction of Peter I quickly realised what mucles actually need to work in order to get the effect. True Pilates is especially good for golfers since it focuses on the core and lower body. Good posture is vital in terms of a consistant golfswing and with the help of Pilates ahcieving that is probably the easiest and quickest way.
I am aware of the imbalance in my body , with the right side being a lot stronger, its is pretty common amongs tennis players and golfers and Pilates helps to even that out also.
I definitely recommend True Pilates to all golfers and other athletes.”

You can contact to Britt and Peter:

or call +372 55535057


The story written by Leo Siemann

Segway makes it more fun !

Monday, July 11th, 2011

The game of golf has inspired so many related inventions and it continues to do so! As you play, you have time to reflect and meditate and that is probably the reason why. Many inventions are hybrid in these days and so is the Segway Golf. The idea is well modern yet simple enough for anybody to use.  So, why not to have a go ! The next possible chance to see the Segway Golf live on the course is at Estonian Golf & Country Club on 17th July.

Specifications : Weight 54.5kg, Battery life 36 holes & Speed up to 20km/h. Holders for your golf bag,  scorecard and extra equipment. Special offroad tyres for the course. Pricetag 8500eur including vat. There is also a chance lease the Segway Golf for 189eur per month.

If you would like to see this magic machine now, then the best bit is to go to the exclusive dealer shop in Tallinn – Viru Street 7 and just talk to friendly staff. Otherwise you can call + 372 51 200 30  or check it out at

Suuresta GC & Senior Golf Tour 2011

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

If You are in Tallinn, 50+ and looking for the closest club with suitable tournament then Suuresta is the place to go ! Club is located near Suuresta village, on 19km of Tallinn-Tartu motorway. Suuresta GC is hosting Open Tournament for senior players every Thursday. Tee off 1400 and green fee 10.- eur only !

Probably the best known player from Suuresta GC is our pro Mark Suursalu, who has been doing quite well recently :)

Clubhouse is opened from Mo-Su 8.00-22.00.  Tel. +372 660 9700