Team Finland has won at Haapsalu Cup’

Winners speech by Juha Häkkänen ...

The second country cup between Estonia and Finland was taken by finns this time. Small but exclusive club on West Coast – Haapsalu Golf hosted 16 players yesterday. The Sun was shining most of the day and winds were blowing strong which made our game challenging indeed. Teeoff was at 10am and the game format 18 holes stroke-play / scramble from which best 3 couples were selected to make the total scores.  The best couple was Anu & Hillar Joon. We also had 5 ladies and 2 young players from Finland at the tournament this year. Finnish Captain Juha-Kalevi Häkkänen who played 5 birdies was pleased with the work of greenkeepers and took the trophy home with pride as Finland had won by 10 points. Estonia got the 1st cup in 2013. A little gallery of the tournament is visible on Facebook.

Haapsalu Golf is located on West-Estonia near a little historical town called Haapsalu, about 100km from Tallinn. This moorland course of 9 holes par 68 was founded by Tõnu Merilo and Anja-Liisa Simoinen back in 2005. It is remarkable that there are 58 club members from which more than half are finns. Local tournaments include also Westcountry Cup and Club Championships,  played from 6-8th june and from 9-10th August. Course records – the best of 9 holes is 32 and the best of 18 holes is 72 strokes. Both are played by the 6 times club champion Margus Jõgilaine. Haapsalu GC celebrates its 10 years anniversary next year :)

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