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My Kind of Hole in One

Friday, November 21st, 2014

When I started my little blog 5 years ago I had a dream that maybe someday I would be good enough to write for a golf magazine. This day came last Summer when I was asked by the Golf magazine editor Ivika Liblik if I would be so kind and translate my own story of the European Ladies Amateur Championship for their magazine, which I agreed. Then, few weeks later, she asked me again if I would take interviews and write a story of National Stroke-Play Championship which was played at EGCC. Well, I could not refuse either. And finally just one week after Mr. Barack Obamas state visit called me Golf Magazine owner & manager Monika Kuzmina and asked if I would work with them on a cover-story of mr. President ??? As it felt like a good challenge, I investigated the matter and did this as well together with Jaan-Ivo Lukas who wrote the political part of it. Honestly, after writing all those 3 stories I just felt like if I was standing on par 3 and hitting my first hole in one! :) Luckily I have done this twice in my life already and I know the feeling well.  So, here it is for You – the latest Golf magazine of 2014 which will be released on coming Tuesday.  Enjoy it folkes !!

* Selfpublished by Leo Siemann, Sunday golfer & amateur golfwriter. Photo: @Shaldon Approach Golf near Teignmouth, UK – the place where I learned how to play that good old game back in 2005 …

West-Viru Champions are sorted

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Champions : Kaie, Hans, Mart, Kristo and Zenta

The Summer seems to continue and so do various tournaments across the country. Past weekend offered the finals for the Estonian Amateur Open 2014 in Saaremaa and the President Cup at Niitvälja CG. Still there was one more little tournament taking place at Ojasaare Golf over Saturday and Sunday. It was the West-Viru Championship which gathered about 15 players. Never less the Sun was out there to ensure 2 prefect days of golfing and our champions got sorted. From the ladies Kaie Kender took the lead by 28 shots over Zenta Lood on the day1 and claimed the Gold with a result of  82-79. Zenta collected her Silver medal by 110 -115. The best of men was Mart Suursu by 66-71, leaving  our golf commentator Kristo Raudam and Hans Ilves for a sudden-death playoff, from who Hans took the silver.  I must admit the Day 2 was well interesting to follow. Although Mart was leading by comfortable 7 strokes after the first round,  3 golfers after him were sharing places 2-4 , all by 73 ! Unfortunately Kristjan Jaakma dropped from the 2nd position and Alar Palmar remained the 4th but the best game on day2 was played by Hans Ilves who came from the 5th position with 75 strokes to claim the Silver medal.

A special thanx goes to the host of the Championship 2014 Jaan Lipsmäe who has grown his home-made pitch & putt golf course from 4 to 7 holes this year and is likely to bring on the island green by the end of the season. I must say that Ojasaare is the perfect spot of practice for biginners and also for all those golfers who need to learn how to pitch their ball across the waters ;)

Niitvälja Trophy 2014 was taken by finn Toni Karjalainen

Monday, July 14th, 2014

The winner takes it all ...

Our oldest tournament Niitvälja Cup by Mandatum Life took place at Niitvälja Golf Club from 11-13th July. The 22nd cup attracted 127 athletes from 6 countries including professional golfers from Finland, Latvia, Spain and Estonia.

It was the first time in history when the prizemoney of 7500 euros was shared between 6 best golfers. Surely it should of happen earlier to get more pros involved for the tournament, but hopefully there will be few more next year …


Ojasaare Cup 2014 – Nice & Wild one!

Monday, June 16th, 2014

All players & winners @ Ojasaare Cup 2014

If you happen to be a non club member and you do not have active HCP either then it is unlikely that you can play at any tournament here in Estonia. Well, almost. Thankfully there is Ojasaare Golf and Jaan Lipsmäe who has hosted his 7th Ojasaare Cup last weekend. There were  5 men and 3 ladies competing as beginners on Saturday. Winners were Margit Kulbin and Raido Palmar. The tournament continued in sunshine  with 15 men and 2 lady golfers on Sunday. The course improved a lot compared to previous years. Jaan has got a brand-new range, some tricky fairways, 4 new challenging greens, signposts and new flags. We had to play 2 rounds + 2 holes with new tee positions to make it 18 holes in total. Nice breeze made it even more challenging. Winners were Kaie Kender and Mart Suursu. Second places were Margit Kulbin and Raido Palmar and 3rd Ando Küttis.

Only if I knew the course, maybe just maybe I could of get a nice little trophy but I guess I didn’t work hard enough at this time … Anyways, it was a Grand Day Out in Sunshine with local golfers and that made it special indeed.

* Photos are on my FB page & You can find upcoming tournaments at Ojasaare from here

* Story by Leo Siemann – A Jolly good golfer  ;)

Champions of 2013 are Mari Hütsi & Egert Põldma

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

The 20th Estonian Championships in Stroke play were held at EGCC over last weekend. This years’ champions Egert Põldma & Mari Hütsi hold their lead from the very first day till the end. On the second place were Martin järve & Liis Kuuli and on bronze Sander Aadusaar & Cliona Georgia Dalberg.

It was the first championship gold for Mari Hütsi who has left to continue her studies in the USA just a day after. Also it was the very first time when our national championships were broadcasted live on TVPhotos were taken as usual by Mats Soomre our first & only knighted’ golf photographer :)

Sirel & Partners Open rocks every year !

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

It is well known tournamet, which makes a full house of people every year indeed ! If you think to sing up 2 weeks prior, you will be likely told that it’s fully booked already ! So, being a lucky one to join the crowd, I was asking myself yesterday what makes this tournament so special ? Is it a lawer Jüri Sirel , his top end law firm,  beautiful and hard golf course or a modern clubhouse & the afterparty ?  Most likely it is a great mix all of it, which carries the quality mark for the tournament. We are getting used to see those trendy new cars and gorgeous girls on the 1st tee, so more & more balls can stay on fairway now … Well, at least mine did somehow ;)

Hole in One competition at Otepää GC © Leo Siemann 2013

But this time it wasn’t a flashy sportscar presented for the Hole in One. It was 1M euro sents instead ! Although nobody made it, the closest shave’ was a little over 1m by Andreas Hunt. And that wasn’t coincidence as Andreas made it twice yesterday !! First within the tournament from 125m by 1,67 as the nearest one to the flag and then at the special HIO competition  :) It is interesting fact that nobody has got the main prize for Hole in One during 20 years of tournaments history in Estonia. I guess it wouldn’t be long till the 1st one will be made …

Winners of  Sirel & Partners 2013 are: Alice Andressoo (HCP 0-12,0) , Leho Laos (HCP 12.1-24,0) and Maire Milder (HCP 24,1-36,0) , Congratulations to all of you !!!

* All scores can be found in GolfBox & Photogallery by Mats Soomre will be out later on today …

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Est Am 2012 returns to Saaremaa

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

The leader after day 1 - Johannes Diederichs

Surely one of our most important golf tournaments of the year  - Estonian Amateur Open is taking place at Saare GC this weekend from 6-8th July. There are 69 men and 22 lady-golfers who are fighting for a precious trophy.

The leader after the first day is Johannes Diederichs (Ger). Estonians Egeti Liiv and Marten Palm are chasing him with just one shot behind.  From the ladies , Latvian Mara Puisite has taken the lead with +6  followed by Leena Makkonen and Jenni Soikkeli with +7 from Finland.

Check out for news & final scores via

Photos by  Mats Soomre

The winner of  Est Am 2011 – Roger Roper (U.K.) told me that sadly enough he won t be able to compete as he has turned to professional player this Spring. There were discussions after last tournament to call it Estonian Open,  but for some reasons we are still stuck to Amateur event only. Even though it is promising to be an excellent tournament as always.